Ways To Keep Cool During The Summer

We are living in the sizzling season of summer, where the air shimmers with heat and the sun reigns supreme. While the instinct may be to seek refuge in the cool embrace of air conditioning, there are alternative ways to beat the heat that won’t leave your wallet feeling the burn.

Here are a few ways we suggest to stay cool without solely relying on AC.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water with ice. This may seem like a no brainer but hydration plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature and overall well-being. It’s essential to stay hydrated even when you don’t feel particularly thirsty, as dehydration can sneak up on you unnoticed. While consuming commercial beverages like sports drinks and vitamin water is acceptable, they shouldn’t be seen as substitutes for plain water. Reserve them for situations where you need an extra boost of vitamins or electrolytes, such as after engaging in physical activity.

Here’s a tip: Freeze a bottle of water for a refreshing, ice-cold drink whenever you need it.

2. Utilize Fans

Fans are great for keeping air moving, but beware fans can sometimes seem to have the opposite effect. Fans help move air around, so in already warm rooms, they just circulate hot air, which can make it feel more hot. If it seems like your fan is not helping, try pointing the fan out of an open window. This way it acts like an exhaust, pushing the hot air out and letting cooler air in. If you want an extra cool-down, put some ice in front of the fan. The breeze it creates can make your room much more comfortable in hot weather.

3. Wear Breathable Clothing

We’ve all been there: sweating profusely with clothes clinging to our bodies, making us feel downright uncomfortable. This summer, you can sidestep that unpleasant sensation by opting for loose-fitting, light colored, breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton. Loose clothing is a savior in the scorching heat, and cotton is best since cotton absorbs moisture, aiding your body in staying cool amidst the summer swelter. 

Bonus Tip: Opt for cotton sheets on your bed and slip into cotton pajamas. This simple switch can work wonders in keeping your body cool and comfortable all night long!

4. Freeze Fruits and Berries

Summer is the season for enjoying delicious fruits, but their short shelf life can be a challenge. Why not freeze those ripe blueberries or bananas? Frozen melon makes a delightful dessert after a meal, and frozen grapes offer a sweet and refreshing snack that doubles as a cool-down treat. For busy parents chasing after energetic kids who’ve been playing outside all day, keeping a stash of frozen fruit handy is a lifesaver—simple, quick, and satisfying for everyone!

5. Eat Lighter Meals and Cook in the Mornings 

Oven heat has a way of spreading throughout your entire house. To keep that heat contained, try using a slow cooker to concentrate the heat in one spot. You can also maintain a cool core temperature by opting for lighter, smaller meals and focusing on cooling foods such as salads, vegetables, and fruits. Another option to keeping your home cool, is to cook your meals outdoors on a grill. Summers are known for barbecues so take advantage of the beautiful evenings outdoors. And time well spend with family!

6. Enjoy Water Activities

Engaging in water-based activities not only lets you bask in the summer sun but also keeps you refreshed. Whether it’s exploring a water park, hitting the beach, or simply enjoying a pool (be it your own, a friend’s, or at a community center), this is a perfect way to keep cool on a hot summer day.


To beat the summer heat, remember these tips: Stay hydrated with ice-cold water, use fans strategically to circulate cooler air, choose breathable clothing like cotton, freeze fruits for refreshing snacks, opt for lighter meals and cook in the mornings to keep your home cool, and enjoy water activities to stay refreshed and cool all summer long. 

Here at Central Heating & Cooling we hope you are enjoying summer as much as we are! As always don’t hesitate to call! We’re here to help with all your HVAC needs.