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We all want to avoid heating issues as much as possible. Without regular maintenance, your heating system could leave your home chilly with unexpected breakdown. It’s time to have your heating system checked to make sure you’re ready for winter. At Central Heating & Cooling we know all about the heating maintenance, and can help you with all of the heating and cooling services you need.

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The benefits of heating maintenance

Regular heating maintenance is important to ensure your heater system is running at its peak efficiently! We recommend that you have maintenance completed once in the spring for your AC and once in the fall for your heating unit before temperatures turn extreme. When you have two regular maintenance visits a year, your furnace is sure to run smoothly all season long. This is particularly important because your furnace blower and circuit board actually works during the summer as well to help distribute air around your home. Spotting and repairing small issues early on can save you money by preventing expensive repairs later and reducing your energy bill. Here are 7 reasons to have your heating units maintenance done every year:

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Maintenance plans

We make the maintenance process more convenient and cost effective by offering 3 maintenance plans for your heating and cooling units. Our Central Maintenance Plan not only offers biannual visits but also features priority service, exclusive discounts, and more. 

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Things we check during your maintenance visit

In North Carolina there are 4 main heating systems that are used in residential applications: furnace, heat pump, packaged, ductless mini split. Chances are, you have one or more of these listed units heating your home. These 4 units have specific uses for different applications. Good news! At Central Heating & Cooling we provide maintenance for all 4 different systems. Depending what system you have will determine what we check as not all systems are designed the same. Here is the list of thing we check during your maintenance visit: Thermostat, air filter, electrical connections, circuit board, blower motor and wheel, inducer motor, pilot assembly, ignitor, pressure switch and hose, drain line, capacitor, transformer, safety sensors, flame sensors, exhaust pipe, pan, heat exchanger, burners, volts, amps, supply and return duct, CO2, gas valve, gas pressure, condensate pump, supply and return temperatures.

Heating maintenance FAQ
How to save with maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your heating system in good working condition and it’s important to stay on top of any repair work. See how we can help you with staying ahead of any breakdowns and maximize your efficiency!

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