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Air Scrubber

The Air Scrubber by Aerus attaches directly to the HVAC system ductwork to reduce virus, bacteria, and other contaminants in the ambient air and on surfaces in homes up 3,000 sqft

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ActivePure Technology

Helps create a cleaner, healthier living environment at home, at work, and beyond

Protects 24/7

Our proprietary ActivePure Technology works to continuously clean and protect surfaces and air 24 hours a day

Safe For Everyone

ActivePure is safe for both humans and pets and is used every day in homes across the world

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Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner

Aprilaire Media Air Filter

Whole-House Media Air Filter
Cleaner Air Throughout Your Home
+ Control Health 

A whole-home air purifier removes particulates and irritants throughout your home. That includes mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, pollen, and even viruses. By removing these harmful contaminants, you'll help reduce the risk of asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

+ Control Dust

You'll notice less buildup, making your home look and feel cleaner, while protecting furniture and electronics.

+ Protect Your Home

With a high-efficiency air purifier, you'll keep your air conditioner's cooling coil clean and your furnace working efficiently; saving energy, minimizing repair costs, and extending service life. Standard furnace filters are less effective and need to be changed more often.

Standard Filter VS Aprilaire Media

Standard 1" Filter

Only 3.4 sq. ft.

LESS media to filter out harmful particles

Aprilaire Media

27 sq. ft.

MORE media to filter out harmful particles

Seal All Supply And Return Ducts

Seal all supply and return ducts

By properly sealing all ducts within your home, you can save up to 30% of the energy used annually by your HVAC system alone. 

Ensuring the air in your home is clean and healthy for you and your family is a crucial part of keeping everyone safe. Most homes have 1” air filter located inside their home on the wall or ceiling. After the air filter the return duct goes into crawl space or attic depending on your unit location. Since the return duct has air flow in negative pressure this means any cracks, small or big will allow airborne particles from crawl space or attic get sucked into the air stream that will go through the unit, then supply duct, and will eventually end up in your home. 


The North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation discovered an alarming statistic: 93% of homes have duct leakage. This can have a drastic impact on our indoor air quality, health, and safety. Not only that, but if your ducts are not sealed properly, you are left with: drafts, uneven temperatures, and increased energy bills. By properly sealing all ducts within your home you will increase your air quality and could save up to 30% of the electricity used by your HVAC system alone.